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Web 2.0 Joint Venture Secrets Exposed System TIME-SENSITIVE REPORT : Learn how to create strategic alliances and joint ventures that bring business to your door automatically. Brand new marketing strategies allows you to now create 10 's and even hundreds of UNIQUE money-making deals ... and then repeat the process all over again on autopilot! Download INSTANTLY... Get ready to discover... How to leverage an online PHENOMENON and make it your personal ATM . How to "be there first" and WIPE-OUT your competition . How to create OBSCENE JV profits AT WILL with extremely low startup-costs. How to JV with the "Big Guns" even if you're a newbie with ZERO experience . How to be treated like an EXPERT in your field. How to be a JV GUNFIGHTER ... then laugh while the gurus eat your dust. And much, MUCH more! hether you're an advanced marketer or a total newbie ... this step-by-step breakthrough marketing method can make you serious money. Why is this time-sensitive information? It's simple. Not too long ago word starting getting around about Web 2.0 and social marketing. Well, you may or may not know about the staggering marketing opportunities found in social networking web properties. If you are aware of them, you still may not know exactly how to effectively and profitably harness that power . But first... imagine it's 1995 and you foresee the dot com revolution creating millionaires and a few billionaires all over the globe for the next 5 years. Would you take advantage of it? Of course you would! With that kind of information, you'd become a multi-millionaire in a VERY short amount of time. And now...? Fast-forward to 2010... and it's happening again! You're at the brink of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Amazing as it sounds, the vast majority are STILL unaware of its full power. You can stop imagining because it IS happening right now. And the name of this phenomenon is Web 2.0 and social media marketing . But there's a catch... knowing about it and knowing how to profit from it are two completely different things. If you're NOT exploiting Web 2.0 for what it's worth, you are literally throwing money out the window. This is where my Web 2.0 Joint Venture System comes in. My system is the ONLY method ANYWHERE specifically designed to EXPLOIT the NEW rules for Joint Venture marketing that Web 2.0 has created . And I can teach literally anyone (newbies included) how to do this. Not only that... but you'll start seeing results almost immediately as soon as you take action. I call this a no-fail marketing system. Yes, you read that right. NO-FAIL , because if you follow the step-by-step instructions in my course you simply CANNOT fail to close a JV deal and make MORE money . As a matter of fact, my JV system includes a "magic", almost automatic blueprint that virtually makes people say "YES!" to your proposal 100% of the time . Sound too good to be true? It's not. Keep reading to see why for yourself... From: Val Popescu Wednesday, 10:28 A.M. Dear Joint Venture Seeker, If you're like me, you've tried EVERYTHING in your marketing efforts: from pay-per-click advertising, article writing, press releases, and classified ads to the latest SEO strategies and email marketing... on and on. Am I right? Does that sound like you? Perhaps you're already successful. But you're ready to step-up your game and turn a $10,000 or $100,000 business into a $1,000,000 business. Sound appealing? Either way... if acted upon, the information on this page can change your life - I promise you that. But first... just so we're on the same page, let me define what a Joint Venture is . A joint venture is an arrangement between two or more parties bringing one or more of the following: their existing product(s), services, customers, leads, subscribers, insider knowledge, and resources to create explosive results for everyone involved. This is Joint Venturing at its core ( applies both online and offline ), and it's the closest thing to having a license to print money you'll ever find -- IF you know what you're doing. The combination of a distribution channel and trust makes this marketing method hard to beat! It's ALL about creating a breakthrough WIN-WIN-WIN situation: You WIN because you take a part of the profits whether you sell a product of your own or not; Your joint venture Partner ('s) WIN because he also gets his share from the selling process; Customers WIN because they usually get a better offer. Once you create a WIN-WIN-WIN situation, implementing it is the easiest step. Your main job is to create a joint venture deal nobody can refuse! A JV deal will take your business and wealth to a whole new level: No need to risk your own assets. You can do it with minimal investments of time, effort, and expense. JV's can be done no matter how well your business is doing right now. It does not matter what industry you are in. Even if you don't have a business , you can use my Joint Venture system to succeed beyond your wildest dreams. "Have You Mastered The Art Of Joint Venturing?" Like many other marketing strategies, a Joint Venture has its own 'insider secrets'. It's a system where you have to perform the right steps. Being successful with a joint venture requires quite a bit of knowledge, and in most cases - experience. One important aspect is to define the purpose of your joint venture efforts . Everybody thinks that a JV deal is a simple process where one business with a product is endorsed by another business with a mailing list, and making money in a snap. That's true, this can be done... in a TRADITIONAL JV deal. But why should you stick with just this method when there is so much more money practically begging to be made? That's why I'm going to show you 50 other ways to set up a profitable joint venture deal! This is something you won't find with any other joint venture system on the market. Another important hurdle to get past when working a joint venture is finding JV partners and super affiliates . This can be a royal pain in the butt - and there is no one perfect way of finding them. There is a lot of searching involved in finding them, and most of the time they are hiding in plain sight. The reason they act this way is because they market themselves heavily . These people develop high profile websites and they rank high in the search engine results. Their sites generate plenty of leads and have tons of newsletter/blog readers. They are involved and active in related forums. They are all around us - all you need to know is HOW to find the ones who'll be right for your product and who'll want to do business with you . You might have a great product or service that could sell very well, but if you're approaching a potential JV partner the wrong way it won't turn into a deal. This is an important part of the system where people get easily discouraged . This usually happens because your potential JV partners simply DON'T UNDERSTAND why you're approaching them, or WHAT you're proposing. In fact, most people are CLUELESS about JV partnerships in general, and they're instantly skeptical by default. This is the single BIGGEST challenge you'll face as a JV marketer - - gaining the Attention and Trust of your potential JV partners . I've lost track of how many times I've told people that they need FIRST to master the science of joint venturing before starting. Failing to do this is a sure path to REJECTION ! Once you get rejected your confidence in your marketing skills will go down. STOP! "It Doesn't Have To Be So HARD..." This is where my system differs from the competition , because everything is done for you! With my NEW joint venture system: You'll gain direct access to my step-by-step system which will show you how to set up joint venture deals efficiently . You'll never have to worry about being rejected ... and you will find it exponentially easier and faster to recruit joint venture partners and super affiliates in your industry. Plus, EVERY new joint venture will be MUCH more profitable! In paint-by-numbers style , I'll walk you through every single aspect of a "Herculean" joint venture deal. Your level of experience does NOT matter - as long as you can read and understand the words on this page, and follow simple directions, you can succeed with my system. "... shows you EXACTLY what you need to make your future joint venture partners respect you and your product ." Wow... just wow! I won't lie - I bought this book thinking to myself... ' I'm about to read another 40-page ebook, and if I'm really lucky, it'll have some stuff in it that I'll actually use .' No such luck! "Web 2.0 Joint Venture Secrets EXPOSED" took me a few HOURS to read, and I'm going to have to go back and read it again to get the details straight. I'm just about to launch my first product, and this JV system literally made me stop everything that I thought I was doing and start over. Val doesn't kid around - if you're not ready to be professional, organized, and prepared, his system is not something you're ready for . But he shows you EXACTLY what you need to make your future joint venture partners respect you and your product - and he shows you how to present yourself in the best possible light , to the most possible JV partners. Social Marketing, Social Bookmarking, even creating your own social site just to amp up your JV efforts - it's all covered in amazing depth . Joint venture videos, joint venture outsourcing... you don't even know how much there is to JV until you've read "Web 2.0 Joint Venture Secrets EXPOSED" . I want to personally and deeply thank Val for making this massive (300+ pages!) volume available. I honestly believe that, if you've got a product to promote, you can profit from this joint venture grimoire . I know I will! >>  Michael Danielson , www.fromtheinside.info "...the ultimate, definitive guide for the a bsolute best way to create Joint Ventures." This has got to be the ultimate, definitive guide for the absolute best way to create Joint Ventures, bar none. It goes way beyond anything that I have yet to see available ... and I just love the way that you leverage the power of social marketing , to create Joint Ventures with maximum impact . This is truly a must-have resource for anyone who is looking to successfully compete in the world of online marketing. Val, with your guide, people will definitely have a serious unfair advantage! >>  Ken Germann , www.productlaunchpower.com "... I learned very interesting strategies that got me very valuable partners, promoting all my products." Val's "Web 2.0 Joint Venture Secrets EXPOSED" is a great book with vital information for any Internet marketer that is exploring new ways to promote products . It's a massive 300+ page handbook that reveals all the secrets of how to utilize Web 2.0 and build relationships and expand your Joint Venture Network. It's written in a very clear way and shows the importance of using social marketing, social bookmarking sites and video in your promotion. I learned very interesting strategies from Val that got me very valuable partners, promoting all my products . Congratz Val, on a great product... I totally recommend "Web 2.0 Joint Venture Secrets EXPOSED"! >>  Menno Spijkstra , www.imachiever.com Listen Up... This Is Important! What if I told you that I have found a NEW , literally unknown way to attract dozens or even hundreds of successful Joint Venture partners and super affiliates? And what if I told you that you can achieve this virtually FREE ? This is now possible because of the Internet PHENOMENON known as Web 2.0, and the fact that NO ONE ELSE has discovered how to exploit it the way I have - YET! It's time to... "Join the Web 2.0 Revolution Before The Boom Is Over... And Hang On For The Ride Of Your Life!" In the past two years, there has been a massive shift in how people interact and do business online - it's all part of the Web 2.0 development. So what is Web 2.0? Simply put, Web 2.0 is the transition of the web to web applications. Web 2.0 is the next generation of technology solutions where interactive content is the essence. There is no agreement on exactly what Web 2.0 means, depending on who you are speaking with, you may receive different explanations. At it's heart, Web 2.0 is about the maturity of the Web and businesses that are thriving online. While many refer to Web 2.0 as companies that employ powerful web technologies, the key components of the new web are said to include: the web as a platform, collaboration, and syndication . Here are some data taken from a survey conducted by Michael A. Stelzner (SocialMediaExaminer.com), and the results regarding the benefits of social media marketing : 81% of all marketers indicated that their social media efforts have generated exposure for their businesses . Improving traffic and growing lists was the second major benefit, followed by building NEW partnerships (56%) . Now imagine being able to do a JV deal with even just a fraction of these people ... These are people with different interests; they have money to spend , and enough know-how to make the right business decisions . They also like to consume products or services and have found a new way to search what they're looking for. They navigate the Internet using various social media websites, as they find them a trusted alternative to the traditional search engines . Web 2.0 social websites and their applications are essentially doing what market research companies have been working on for decades: finding what people BUY and segmenting (dividing) the marketplace to make selling a snap . Market segmentation is an essential part of consolidating demographic information, and has often been compiled through surveys, focus groups, and other market research strategies. Sounds boring, right? That's why it's so great that Web 2.0 social websites allow marketers to completely skip these steps . As people are voluntarily sharing information about their tastes, preferences, and other ideas through these social media sites, profiting from them becomes a snap - IF you know what you're doing . This is the essence of Web 2.0 at it's best: mass profiting from people who share the same interests! It's more like a "tribal marketing" feast , where people join together to share, give, or consume their ideas. And since these websites will send you targeted traffic for FREE or almost FREE , as a business owner you need to ask yourself: >> What would happen if I got my JV offer in front of these people? How can I get their business, RIGHT NOW? The answer is very simple: Web 2.0 Joint Venture System! "It All Started Back In 1999..." My story : when I started on the Web, back in late 1999, I was a REAL newbie . I was intimidated, to say the least, and had serious doubts about the selling power of the Internet. And I rapidly got overwhelmed by the avalanche of get-rich-quick schemes which where available. I barely knew how to use a computer and my own experience was restricted to basic applications like MS Word or Excel . A friend of mine asked me to come by his house and he gave me my first taste of the World Wide Web. He showed me how using a browser like Netscape anybody could surf on this ocean of information. He showed me a place called AltaVista and told me that sites like it were called Search Engines . (Years have passed and these days I routinely rank in the 1-3 position on the first page of the Top 10 search engines - no matter how fierce the competition is. I really LOVE search engines... and their FREE traffic!!! ) I remember one day I landed on a web page and discovered a letter written by the legendary Corey Rudl . Since English is not my first language, and since I was a beginner, it took me three long days to read all the stuff. It would be a GREAT lie if I told you that I understood what he was talking about... But I was fascinated by his personality. Somehow I knew it was possible to make BIG money online . After all, it isn't rocket science. All I had to do was to learn the best internet marketing strategies and then sell stuff made by other people . Even though I was on a very tight budget, I made a commitment to try harder and succeed. I'm fortunate to be able to say that I've grown my profits each and every month since the early beginnings - using only proven joint venture strategies . Up until now... I've shown you proof of the profit potential from my very own accounts. I've taken painstaking efforts to show you exactly why social marketing is SO powerful . But you STILL may be wondering... "Why Should You Listen To Me?" 1) Because I Have Been Trained By The Best. 2) Because I Put My Money Where My Mouth Is. Let's talk about number 1 first... unless you've been sleeping under an online rock the past 10 years, I'm sure you've heard of Jay Abraham . In case you haven't, Jay has personally engineered nearly two billion dollars worth of JV deals and strategic alliances for himself, his clients and students he mentored -- myself included . He has been extremely successful at what he does for others, and is behind thousands of business success stories. In the past 25 years, Jay Abraham has consulted with over 10,000 clients in more than 400 industries, and he has dealt with every type of business you can imagine. I am fortunate enough to have received the best joint venture training anywhere , as the great Jay Abraham mentored me. Jay certified me as a Joint Venture Dealer and as an Elite Member of his exclusive Deal Maker Society . Number 2 : like I said, I do put my money where my mouth is. My Joint Venture system is offered at ZERO risk to you -- but I'll explain that in a few minutes! "I've Honed this System, Stress-Tested It and Pushed It to Its Limits!" A few months ago I decided to write down everything I know about joint venturing and how to use Web 2.0 marketing strategies to attract more partners and super affiliates to do business with you. Today, I'm revealing a system for you that goes way beyond just "leveling the playing field" - it teaches you how to OWN the playing field . A system that will take you from scratch to a fully automated joint venture business which runs itself like clockwork and pulls money from the Internet like a vacuum on steroids . I will take you by the hand and show you exactly how to set up your very own profitable Web 2.0 Joint Venture System . I've made this so simple that even a newbie can easily do it . If you are a PRO , my system will help you by streamlining the process of setting up a much more powerful JV business, allowing you to do it quicker, easier and more profitable than you can even imagine. I have spent hundreds of hours on all the major social media websites testing different strategies just to be sure that everything works right, so you don't have to ! My methods are simple, but immensely powerful. "I realized that this book would help me with more than just traditional joint venture topics; it could also help me with ANY project..." Val, It sounds cliche to say this, but I wish I had this book six months ago . I'm an extensive user and creator of Web 2.0 products, and your advice is no-nonsense and spot on. What's incredibly valuable is how you are able to fuse your personal experience and insights with joint ventures into the Web 2.0 environment . As I was reading, I realized that this book would help me with more than just traditional joint venture topics; it could also help me with ANY project where I wanted to leverage the expertise and networks of others. For me, that's a major paradigm shift that I'm sure will help me connect with more people, strike more cooperative deals, and of course, earn more money . You have packed a lot of value into these 300+ pages, and you ended it with a bang with that bonus chapter -- that chapter itself could be turned into an entire book and I'd open my wallet to purchase it! >>  Shaun Taylor , www.wordpressforbeginners.com "A marvelous resource for anyone interested in joint ventures and social media today!" Absolutely fabulous! That's the only way I can describe Val's latest, " Web 2.0 Joint Venture Secrets Exposed ". At 330+ pages, this book is stuffed full of information, all of it extremely useful. Val covers it all - from the basics of how social media now impacts joint ventures to using social bookmarking and video sharing sites to drive your deals to success . Examples abound, as do recommendations for other resources and mini-reviews of the same. All in all, a marvelous resource for anyone interested in joint ventures and social media today! >>  Joe Nassise , www.josephnassise.com Right now, you might be thinking: "If your JV system is so profitable, why NOT just keep it to yourself?" The answer is really simple: it's just a matter of time before someone else figures out these secrets ( after all, my system is very profitable, but very simple! ). This is just the nature of marketing - people always catch on , and when it happens, the profit margins get spread wide and thin really fast . Besides, if I don't teach these methods, someone else will! One of the most satisfying points for me is that this system works! My system is exclusively designed for achieving staggering success with joint ventures - nothing else . If you are willing to apply my system strategies you will be able to see your income grow steadily month after month - almost automatically! And NO... it's NOT a new "hype" guide on general internet marketing or something random like that . I am not going to teach you different types of online businesses, or what affiliates do in general, or what marketing methods are out there. A lot of other info products are doing a good job explaining all that, so if you're tired of watching other people get rich, and if you're ready to grab your own big piece of the Joint Venturing and Web 2.0 pie , here's something that's going to change your life... "Introducing The First , Only and Most Complete System Dedicated To the NEW Joint Venture Marketing Rules..." Web 2.0 Joint Venture Secrets EXPOSED! "The Evolution is Here. Catch the Wave... or Get Left Behind!" L et me be straight with you. The "How To Start a Profitable JV Business" courses being taught and used today just do NOT work anymore. Most of them are incomplete and use strategies that are outdated . The problem is that the Web 2.0 field is so new that there simply aren't many reputable quality "how to JV" products available . What's so different about Web 2.0 Joint Venture Secrets EXPOSED is that more than eight months of work is jam-packed into PROVEN methods to operate a truly successful JV business , in this one-of-a-kind system. And I'm talking about eight months ago - not eight months of work which was done 2-3 years ago... MAJOR difference The best news is that the Web 2.0 Joint Venture Secrets EXPOSED system is packed with strategies which are deceptively simple to put into action. You could easily have it set up and pulling in partners in a matter of minutes or hours. You're here reading this letter because you're searching for a way to create a successful online business . I know that my Web 2.0 joint venture system can change everything for you - and your wallet . I want you to use my experience to create massive wealth and financial freedom for yourself and the people you care about. There's nothing else like this online today and it's going to help you turn the corner and produce outstanding results on the Internet fast. Web 2.0 Joint Venture Secrets EXPOSED is a system of building HUMAN TRUST and influencing people to happily "give you money". While your competition is trying to pressure people into buying, my system lets you influence people in a more subtle way. That's because you're perceived to be more of a friend than a businessperson. Regardless of whether or not you have an online business, Web 2.0 Joint Venture Secrets EXPOSED is the fastest, easiest, and most effective way to communicate your message through multiple mediums, as it exponentially increases your profits . The Internet is completely different than it was 10... 5... 2 years ago, and it will NEVER be the same again. We are now part of a new internet marketing era. The marketing medium and technology is finally maturing to the point that it can be utilized for maximum advantage. That's why I'm going to make everything stupendously easy for you. If you start NOW, you'll be up and running within minutes if you desire - no joke. "First, I'll help you to understand the 'insider secrets' of a successful joint venture deal... ... Then, I'll show how to find and close a deal using Web 2.0 social marketing strategies!" I'm talking about strategies you can put to work right now to get started in a business you'll love... working from the comfort of your own home... with all the freedom you crave... that'll take your profits to the moon! You'll get hundreds of practical, nitty-gritty tips, tricks and techniques . You'll discover things like: How to start your joint venture business right now Why joint ventures are all the rage in the marketing world The biggest and most profitable JV opportunities How to write an email proposal that gets read and responded to How to write a highly effective profile How social media works and help you Where and when to use a social bookmarking strategy Dominating ANY market using promotional videos Expanding your business using mobile marketing How to combine different marketing channels How to market your JV deal using offline methods How to start a community website within minutes with only $100 Tips on how and where to host you community website Why outsourcing could be your most profitable strategy Advanced tips on how to find local JV partners How to spend less than 20 minutes a day running your business Sources of FREE or dirt-cheap advertising and website traffic ... and that's just the tip of the iceberg! " Web 2.0 Joint Venture Secrets EXPOSED! " eBook includes 8 chapters packed with... Over 300+ pages of step-by-step lessons, tips, ideas, resource lists, tools suggestions and more! If you're ready to claim YOUR joint venture system NOW, click here... Here's a look at the topics covered in my SYSTEM... Chapter #1 "Discover the outrageous power of a Joint Venture Deal ... ...OR how to add more revenue streams to your NEW or EXISTING business at ZERO costs!" You know, when it comes to joint venturing, many people get stuck. This can happen even to YOU, whether you are a newbie or an experienced marketer. I know how you feel... I know, because I once was in your shoes. In most cases, people are trying to find answers to simple JV questions like: Where can I find the best joint venture partners and super affiliates? How can I contact and make them accept my offer? Is there a "secret" recipe to attracting partners without having to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars in advertising? I DO NOT have a website or my own product or service to sell, but I would like to put more money in my pocket - what should I do? ...and how exactly can I become a joint venture master IF I'm new to Internet Marketing? Well... the beauty of joint venturing is that it's EASY to locate new online partners when you know WHERE and WHAT to look for - and how to make your offers IRRESISTABLE! My system not only gives you step-by-step instructions on finding joint venture partners and super affiliates in 10 minutes (or less) ... ... it also shows you: The Unfair Advantage: 50 rarely seen strategies for profiting from JV marketing techniques. Use these to the hilt before your competitors catch on! The single joint venture skill absolutely critical to your success... online or offline (If you don't perfect this, making money will be like running uphill). Never Revealed Before : My proprietary "8-Step Joint Venture System Formula" to make CASH so FAST you'll giggle like a school kid. ( Not using this formula can cost you dearly! ) My amazing "Offer Twist": How to make your JV offer... or ANY offer ... simply IRRESISTIBLE! (This one can send your sales through the roof - yet it won't cost you a cent!) Exclusive: The "Anatomy of a Joint Venture Email" revealed! Step-by-step instructions to create your first JV email message and follow-up sequence . (This is where serious money gets made!) You'll also get sample emails, formatting tips, and more. How to spice up the "sex appeal" of your proposal! (Depending on who reads the copy, different *arrangements* on your letter will determine the final outcome.) Avoid this COSTLY mistake : One "dumb" (but common) JV mistake when closing a deal that you never... EVER... want to make! ( You'll crack up when you'll hear this. ) 9 killer strategies you can use right NOW and put yourself in the JV winners' circle. (It also works when you make a BIG mistake!) 99% of marketers "FORGET" to do this after closing a new joint venture deal . Do it... and generate a tantalizing pitch for a NEW, can't-do-without offer that can pile on more cash! Do NOT get fooled . How to know if a business owner or super affiliate is trying to trick you - or if they're the right partner for you . ( You MUST know this information... even if you think you know the answer! ) ... and the above is just a sample of the strategies waiting for you on the inside! Using my joint venture system you'll know exactly what to do and where to go in order to discover and choose the best j oint venture partners and super affiliates to build your online and offline business - not just once, but over and over again ! And you can get started with the perfect business right away - the kind of business that will make you CASH NOW - a business you can start with ZERO COSTS and a few spare hours of work per week - right from where you are, with what you've got . Chapter #2 "Open the flood gates and unleash the power of Social Marketing Websites ... ...And DRAMATICALLY increase the number of Partners and Super Affiliates who will *work* for you!" If you find the idea of using the power of social marketing websites exciting, then you're going to love reading this. I've spent the last 8 months creating profiles and marketing my business on the MAJOR social sites. I'm talking about websites like FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Squidoo . What I found blew me away... In my system, I'm revealing the good and the bad from my latest social marketing experiment . When it comes to finding JV partners and super affiliates, social marketing websites have become the ULTIMATE DEAL-MAKER GENERATORS -- the kind which do not cost you anything but your spare time ! I've designed a system that literally removes the BIGGEST barriers preventing you from profiting hugely from social media. I'm talking about websites that are ready to give you access to dozens - or even hundreds of potential business partners within MINUTES , not hours or days. Yes, that's right... within minutes... at ZERO advertising costs! Plus, I reveal all of my most 'profitable' marketing websites, their IN's and OUT's , so you'll be able to set up JV deals like nobody's business . I'll take you deep inside these networks and reveal secrets NO ONE has ever told you . Once you're on the inside you will learn... Why social marketing websites are so popular nowadays - and how this information will multiply your joint venture deals for a piece of the action. Can't-miss elements you have to include in your JV marketing profile if you want to avoid a high click rejection. (And the secret way to "combo" yourself into an attractor magnet that must not be ignored.) What NOT to include in your social profile and how to avoid getting trapped by unscrupulous people who want to take control of your website, profits... and life! 10 EZ steps to find joint venture partners and super affiliates using ONLY major social marketing sites. Are you stuck trying to pick up a site to go after? Discover today's hottest social marketing sites : who they are, what they are, where to find them, and how to USE them... Why LinkedIn has the HIGHEST concentration of VP's, CTO's, and CEO's from Fortune 500 companies - and how to transform them from a "maybe" to top JV partners that bring in tons of sales! Facebook versus LinkedIn debate - who sholds the crown of the Best Social Networking Website and WHY! All the details behind my no-brainer simple method to approach the "top dogs" and close more deals using Twitter . Even established marketers fail in initiating these lucrative partnerships! How to attract joint venture partners and super affiliates to your "____+" like a thirsty man to an oasis! This will make your name spread automatically online, and people will flock to you website first! How to correctly use "____ ______" for JV deals. (Hint: WHAT questions to ask and WHY you should ask them.) YES! Let Me Download Web 2.0 Joint Venture Secrets Exposed Now! Chapter #3 "Learn how to use Social Bookmarking Services the right way... ...Then apply these strategies to capture FREE or dirt-cheap swarms of targeted traffic !" In this chapter, you'll learn exactly what social bookmarking services are, how they work and what you must do to start getting traffic from websites like Technorati, Delicious, StumbleUpon , and many others. My system will show you how to automate this process, or at least a part of it. As you know, online marketing includes many different tactics... so where does social bookmarking fit into the mix ? The truth is, the more you use social bookmarking, the more traffic you'll receive. As long as you're targeting the right niche market and use the right technique , you'll get more and more visitors to come to your JV page and become partners! And everything will be explained in this section, in simple - but elaborate - steps. There are dozens of other things that are critical to make your social bookmarking a smashing success , including: The quickest, easiest ways to get maximum exposure and traffic from social network websites. How to avoid the social bookmarking "kiss of death" that will get you banned - do you bookmark other websites besides of your own? How your partners might help you to bookmark your site - and WHY this step is so important to your whole bookmarking strategy. WHY some businesses are skipping the "classic" website model, and running their entire JV business from a simple blog ! How to capitalize on the greatest opportunity ever - blogging software solutions that are hitting gold on the Internet right now! How to use "___________" to generate a consistent, self-generating stream of traffic to your website and JV offer ... while your competitors struggle to understand why you are years ahead! Dominate your niche, get tons of traffic , and explode your JV deals using my secret weapon: "____ _____". Yes, I've got a secret weapon... but anybody can copy it! ... and much more! The success and likely massive future growth of social bookmarking services isn't just a matter of content being "bookmarked". It's an alternative means of information organization . If you are willing to examine the bookmarking phenomenon more deeply you will understand its awesome power. You will be reaping the rewards of using social bookmarking to its fullest marketing potential . Let's face another harsh reality: if you have a website, or you're thinking about starting one, social bookmarking is the foundation that assure your future Web 2.0 Joint Venture success! Chapter #4 "Why Video Sharing Websites are HOT on the Internet... ...And how these *explosive opportunities* will become the KEY to your NEW business partnership fortune!" What do you believe is the hottest strategy in online marketing today? That's right - it's VIDEO! Most people want to actually SEE and HEAR the information that's being released. Imagine creating a compelling video presentation to attract joint venture partners and super affiliates. After that, submit the presentation to dozens of video sharing websites - it won't cost you a dime . Do this and you can generate thousands of visitors to your video every day . 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